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UtiliCon Solutions is now Asplundh Infrastructure Group

August 24, 2022

Pete Mazzaccaro
Corporate Communications

Willow Grove, PA – UtiliCon Solutions, an Asplundh company and a leading national provider of infrastructure services and solutions for utilities, power producers and energy-intensive customers, today announce announced that it is now Asplundh Infrastructure Group. The change, effective immediately, includes a new name, logo and website, which can be found at

The new brand, Asplundh Infrastructure Group, reflects several things that have long been true. The companies of the Asplundh Infrastructure Group serve not only utility customers but perform a wide range of services that support many aspects of the nation’s infrastructure. Our companies safely and efficiently design, build and maintain electric, gas and telecommunications transmission, lighting and distribution networks for utilities, Departments of Transportation and municipal and other government agencies.

The new name also recognizes that our infrastructure companies are part of the Asplundh brand, a family-owned company that has served the utility industry for 95 years. Every company under the Asplundh brand is part of a team that can meet the everchanging demands of our customers.

“Asplundh Infrastructure Group is a team of companies that we have both developed or acquired over the last 45 years.” said Asplundh Infrastructure Group President Brent Asplundh. “As one organization, we can communicate between these companies and work together to find a solution to effectively meet the needs of our customers. It is an advantage our customers have enjoyed for the last 95 years. They are confident we will deliver on our promise.”

Asplundh Infrastructure Group includes the following companies: American Electrical Testing, American Lighting and Signalization, Asplundh Construction, Asplundh Engineering, Burlington Electrical Testing, Grid One Solutions, Ironhouse Engineering, Kupper Engineering, Musgrove Construction, Traffic Control Devices and Utility Lines Construction Services.

Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC is a family-owned and managed company headquartered just outside of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, PA. It provides vegetation management and utility infrastructure services to a wide range of utilities, municipalities and government entities. The Asplundh family of companies employs approximately 34,000 throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.