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Our employees are the heart of our business. We are neighbors and members of the community. We hire and promote in-state personnel, buy from local vendors and support the global community. With 95 years of vegetation management expertise across North America, we offer employees stability, flexibility, and opportunity for an exciting and rewarding career.  We invite you to explore the many reasons why Asplundh is a great place to work.

Asplundh is built on a foundation of

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

We care about

  • Safety and health
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Attracting, training, developing, and retaining talent
  • Employee welfare and engagement
  • Respect for human rights

From day one, we offer

  • ‘Safety Always’ culture
  • Industry-leading training and equipment
  • Career path advancement opportunities across the country
  • Job stability no matter the economic climate
  • Competitive benefits


Asplundh was founded 95 years ago by three brothers who created a business to clear tree branches away from power lines. They built the company on a foundation of safety, respect, professionalism and integrity, in pursuit of their vision to provide customers and employees with ‘A BETTER WAY.’ Today, Asplundh is the leader in safe, efficient, and sustainable vegetation management and infrastructure services. We are 36,000 employees strong, and the family-like culture and purposeful work make it an attractive place to work and build a meaningful career.

Asplundh offers:

  • Competitive benefits and pay
  • Industry-leading training and equipment
  • ‘Safety Always’ culture
  • Career advancement opportunities across the country


Our employees are empowered to

  • Promote a culture of safety, teamwork, cohesiveness, and collaboration
  • Foster an environment of compassion, empowerment, transparency, inclusion, and respect
  • Expect active, constructive employee engagement for the betterment of the team
  • Commit to personal and employee development
the employee experience

Our employee experience is about

  • Working safely and responsibly with dangerous equipment
  • Problem solving as a team
  • Learning and growing with the company
  • Getting a second chance
  • Changing career paths
  • Loving what we do



Together we are making a difference by

  • Improving public safety
  • Responding first following a disaster
  • Clearing the way for reliable power to local communities
  • Advancing environmental stewardship
  • Helping utilities bend the cost curve


Asplundh’s standards for safety and professionalism help to make a positive impression on the utility customers and communities with whom our crews interact. We understand that system reliability and public relations are big concerns for today’s utilities and municipalities. Our employees receive ongoing training in safety, proper pruning techniques, productivity, and customer relations.


If trees are down or dangerously damaged by wind, ice, snow, or rain, Asplundh’s crews are well-trained to work in hazardous situations. Our tree crews work near energized wires every day and they are trained to identify hazards so they can avoid injury or property damage.

Through decades of emergency response experience, we have developed procedures for a quick and satisfactory response to storms and environmental crises, and we are constantly refining our approach to ensure we continue to deliver industry-leading service.

Asplundh’s state-of-art storm center, located at our headquarters in Willow Grove, PA, monitors major storm systems and notifies key personnel in areas that may be affected. To avoid confusion during a crisis, a local Asplundh representative will proactively meet with customers before the storm to discuss storm emergency procedures and prepare a safe and effective response plan.

To speed up the restoration process, Asplundh provides Storm Damage Assessment personnel to prioritize work and identify the type of tree crew and number of workers needed. Our trained and highly skilled team is ready to serve any hour—day or night—to get power back in service.

As a full-service utility, infrastructure, and sustainability partner, we bring a wealth of experience, specialized equipment, innovative technology, and logistical resources to every job we undertake.