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Asplundh Celebrates 95th Anniversary

August 28, 2023

Pete Mazzaccaro
Corporate Communications


Willow Grove, PA – Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC marked its 95th anniversary today, Monday, August 28, 2023. It’s a significant milestone for the company, which has in less than a century grown to be a leading, international provider of vegetation management and utility infrastructure engineering and construction services. The anniversary will be recognized at a special meeting in Boca Raton, Florida this October.


Asplundh was founded by three Asplundh brothers – Lester, Griffith and Carl – on August 28, 1928, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Combining backgrounds in engineering, forestry and economics, the fledgling company decided to specialize in vegetation management for utility customers and it grew quickly. By 1929, it was performing contract work for Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO), Public Service Company of New Jersey (PSE&G), Jersey Central Power & Light (FirstEnergy), Pennsylvania Power & Light Company (PPL), all companies Asplundh serves today.

Since its founding, Asplundh has grown to offer its customers an ever-expanding array of services. In the 1930s, the company sent its expert workers across state lines to assist in restoration efforts following severe hurricanes in New England. It’s a service that remains a vital part of Asplundh’s business today. Around the same time, Asplundh also expanded into the utility construction industry and established Utility Line Construction Company in 1936. The company would later add everything from utility pole maintenance and street lighting to meter installation to its growing portfolio of service offerings.

Following World War II, Asplundh pioneered innovations that would set standards across the industry. The company developed the first portable brush chippers in 1949 and built the first insulated aerial lift in 1958. It was also an early partner in the State Game Lands 33 Research Project, a 70-year partnership with Penn State University and others that continues to study the effects of right-of-way vegetation management and herbicides on the natural habitats of plant and wildlife populations.

Asplundh Today

Asplundh today remains a family-owned company, counting eight grandchildren of the founders among its top executive leadership team. It remains a key provider of routine and emergency tree pruning and removals, right-of-way clearing and maintenance with specialized equipment, and integrated vegetation management with herbicides for the same industry its founders entered 95 years ago.

In addition to vegetation management, the Asplundh Infrastructure Group is composed of a family of companies that efficiently design, build and maintain electric, gas and telecommunications distribution, transmission and lighting networks for utilities, developers, departments of transportation and municipal and other government agencies.

Asplundh has grown to employ more than 36,000 people in all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company is proud to provide a safe, inclusive environment for all its employees, and continues to support a large network of corporate safety staff and regional safety superintendents to provide advanced training to employees in the field. The company has also become an industry leader in sustainable best practices, having recently begun publishing an annual sustainability report and pledging to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050.

For 95 years, the utility industry has turned to Asplundh as a partner to deliver safe, reliable, and clean electric power to every community it serves. We are excited to continue to grow and innovate along with that industry as it changes to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC is a family-owned and managed company headquartered just outside of Philadelphia in Willow Grove, PA. It provides vegetation management and utility infrastructure services to a wide range of utilities, municipalities and government entities. The Asplundh family of companies employs more than 36,000 throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Learn more at