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Is Aerial Side Trimming For You?

Asplundh in cooperation with specially equipped helicopter services, offers aerial side trimming to help utilities, railroads, pipelines and highway departments cost-effectively speed up the completion of vegetation management projects in difficult terrain or environmentally-sensitive areas. Aerial side trimming used to be considered only applicable to transmission right-of-way side trimming. However, it is now also considered practical for rural distribution trimming.

Click here to check out the April 2011 RE magazine article on our aerial side trimming services.

What is Aerial Saw Side Trimming?

The aerial saw consists of powerful saws suspended by linked sections of aluminum pipe directly below a helicopter. The helicopter and saw can operate continuously for approximately one hour before refueling. Click the arrow to view a video of the aerial saw in action.

What Is Aerial Chemical Side Trimming?

The chemical side trimming system is similar to the aerial saw in that it hangs down vertically beneath a helicopter. The vertical boom dispenses a bud inhibitor and because of its unique side spray system, drift potential is all but eliminated.
Since vegetation conditions differ, the system can be modified to maximize efficiency.

Safety First!

The safety of our employees, our helicopter partners and the public is our number one concern. We comply with all FAA. While aerial sawing is not appropriate for all projects, every tree that the aerial saw can cut reduces our employees’ exposure to climbing hazards and we take that into consideration.

Aerial saw and chemical side trimming are certainly the "tools of choice" where difficult terrain limits access for maintenance. For more information, please contact your local Asplundh representative.


Markets Served

Investor-Owned Utilities

Vegetation management on transmission and distribution lines is critical for safe, reliable power.

Whether it's routine line clearance, capital clearing, or emergency storm restoration work, Asplundh has unmatched resources in experienced personnel, specialized equipment and expertise. We can be a valuable partner in developing efficient and effective vegetation management programs to meet the reliability standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC).

Asplundh's standards for safety and professionalism also help to make a positive impression on the utility customers with whom our crews interact.

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