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Since 1946, Asplundh has been using herbicides to control unwanted vegetation growing on utility rights-of-way (ROWs). Today, Asplundh leads the way in integrated vegetation management (IVM) and continues to develop innovative application methods that enable ROW managers to more effectively and efficiently control the vegetation growing on ROWs nationwide. The result is improved access to the ROW, better reliability and great habitat for wildlife.

To help the industry make more informed decisions when managing vegetation with herbicides, Asplundh has supported extensive university research since the early 1950s on an electric transmission ROW that crosses Pennsylvania State Game Lands 33. Additional research and demonstration sites have been established and supported by Asplundh since 1986. For added IVM expertise, the Arborchem Products Division is a valuable resource for training, herbicide program development, and product information.

Asplundh offers proven performance in integrated vegetation management including:

  • ROW management programs tailored to meet the customer's exact requirements, as well as environmental sustainability
  • Experienced crews and continuous training programs to insure safety and efficiency
  • Ongoing research programs to test and demonstrate the latest developments in vegetation control
  • Advanced application techniques to ensure the highest efficiency at the lowest cost
  • State-of-the-art equipment for unmatched reliability

Read the article, "IVM Can Be Greener and Less Costly for ROW" from TCI Magazine (June 2020)

Markets Served

Investor-Owned Utilities

Vegetation management on transmission and distribution lines is critical for safe, reliable power.

Whether it's routine line clearance, capital clearing, or emergency storm restoration work, Asplundh has unmatched resources in experienced personnel, specialized equipment and expertise. We can be a valuable partner in developing efficient and effective vegetation management programs to meet the reliability standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC).

Asplundh's standards for safety and professionalism also help to make a positive impression on the utility customers with whom our crews interact.

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