Asplundh is the leading provider of line clearance services

Line Clearance

Since 1928 the Asplundh Tree Expert Co. has been providing professional, cost effective line clearance services to utilities and municipalities. Today, Asplundh provides a much wider range of specialized services, but line clearance is still the core of our business. With 30,000 employees serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Asplundh's equipment and people resources are world-class. Additionally, in the U.S., Asplundh has a subsidiary line clearance firm that operates on a regional basis: Blume Tree Services in Tennessee. Please see Contact By Subsidiary for information.

What Can We Do For You?

Asplundh is the leading provider of line clearance servicesRegardless of the size or scope of your job requirements, Asplundh is ready and able to serve you. System reliability and public relations are serious concerns for utilities and municipalities. We can help your organization's position on both of these issues because our employees receive ongoing training in safety, proper pruning techniques, productivity and customer relations. Our line clearance services include:

• pruning and removals along distribution and transmission circuits
aerial and traditional side-trimming and reclearing off-road rights-of-way
herbicide applications to control undesirable vegetation
• mechanical or manual right-of-way clearing for new service
emergency storm service
GPS locating and cataloging of vegetation on rights-of-way

Compliance with NERC regulations for vegetation management on transmission lines in particular, make it especially important for utilities to identify threats from vegetation, eliminate them and provide all the documentation required. This requires people, processes and systems to gather the data and analyse it. A work plan must be developed and quality control maintained. All or any of these services can be contracted through our subsidiary ArborMetrics Solutions, Inc. which maximizes the use of LiDAR, powerful proprietary software and mobile workforce technology to help utilities manage vegetation and maintain reliability.

When it comes to tough terrain like swamps and mountains, our subsidiary Asplundh Brush Control Co. (ABC) is the expert to call on. Whether it's capital clearing, reclaiming a right-of-way, or widening it for higher voltages, ABC has the right equipment and highly skilled operators to get the job done safely, efficiently and with proper environmental protection.